ECP supplies customised products from around the world. We can supply almost any product through our reliable network of trading partners in China, India, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities. ECP oversees production, transport, storage and delivery according to your needs and wishes. Handling 300+ orders a year, ECP has extensive experience in international trade.


ECP not only innovates existing products but also develops entirely new ones. By drawing on our broad knowledge and expertise, we can transform your ideas into reality. We can supply an almost infinite product range – a selection of which is displayed below.


Product offerings in textiles range from jackets printed with logos to non-slip socks. These items are fully tailored to customer requirements. ECP regularly supplies unique, novel

Metals and plastics

Almost any metal or plastic item can be supplied. This includes barbecues and car supplies, for instance, as well as equestrian plastic jump trays – flat water receptacles over which horses jump during show jumping events. All the large plastic water jump trays currently used for major competitions, including the Olympics, were supplied through our network.

Other specialised products

Specialised products for specific industries are also available on request. We can source each product from the best manufacturer in the most suitable country through our network.


Based on your request, we immediately set out to source the most appropriate solution. We have dedicated contacts across the world and a comprehensive network of agents. Contact us to discover the possibilities.


At ECP, matching price and quality is paramount. Delivery of different quality samples comes as standard, allowing the customer to compare and choose. ECP checks the products and guarantees quality.


ECP specialises in supplying customised products for medium-sized to large companies, including delivery to wholesalers. We can arrange temporary storage of goods for both shorter and longer periods. Options for purchase per pallet are negotiable.


With 15+ years’ experience across the entire chain of import and export operations, ECP takes care of every aspect of transportation, from handling import duties to doorstep delivery.



I enjoy working with new products. When I deliver a private label product for one of my
customers, I feel a deep sense of pride when it hits the shelves and sells well.
Approachability and speed of service set me apart from the competition. Customers can call any time, no matter what the query or question might be. I cover a huge range of product offerings. And the more complex the request, the more I relish meeting the challenge and acquiring the desired product via my network.


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